Sunday, August 19, 2007

Di Napoli's template

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DiNapoli is a master trader who has written a book named ' trading with DiNapoli's levels'. Although he did not trade forex, his methods and indicators and fantastic use of Fibonacci and target profits is well known.

The indicators used in chart are

1. displaced moving averages 3 and 25

2.fibonacci profit targets considering the trend, momentum and oscillator

3. MACD as a trend indicator

4. modified stochastics as a momentum indicator

5. detrend oscillator for oversold and overbought conditions

Trade rules:

1. use 1 hr or 4 hr charts after considering ling-term charts

2.identify the trend using MACD and DMA and level of price.

3. look for the chance to enter when the stochastics are aligned with the trend direction

4.look at detrend oscillator to decide about enrty-- avoid long in overbought and avoid short in oversold codition

5. decide entry point ffrom fibonacci profit targets and place take profir at the various levels on the chart shown by various lines.


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